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About GJM

Gin Jye Ming Glass Co., Ltd. was established in April 1991. GJM are located at the middle of Taiwan, near the Taichung Port.
GJM are major in processing glass and mirror with sales. Offering customized glass and mirror, close to the customer's need. GJM use rigorous quality inspection to ensure our glass and mirror quality. GJM promised that the glass we supply to customer must be the best, and actively to improve customer satisfaction. The commend from our customer are our greatest encouragement.GJM is located nearby the Taichung port, this makes GJM have the advantage of export, reducing the risk of the damage to the glass that may arise in long-distance transport.

GJM main business is the processing and sale of glass and mirrors, most of the products used in Furniture glass, Building glass, Solar glass and Mirrors. GJM can supply you safety tempered glass, and there are many color variation of laminated glass. Tempered glass is used to make part of furniture and the wall of building, Laminated glass can be used to lampshade or interior decorating, let our home have more design sense and colorful.

GJM have a whole complete assembly line, from glass board, and processing processes to package. Any processing of glass and mirror we can do as your inquiry. If you need the processing like Board Cutting, Grinding, Bevelling, Drilling, Printing, Tempering, Laminated, Glue the block of iron/aluminum, Package, can be completed in GJM's factory and send it to your designated location.

The quality and service of GJM get the certainty of the multinational manufacturers. GJM become a glass supplier of IKEA, GJM also actively develop the overseas market. GJM have exported our glass and mirror to Singapore, the Philippines, Russia and other places.



Apr. 1991Cut glass artificial and glass cutting boards OEM.
Jun. 1995Jye Ming Glass Associates, Inc. set up.
Dec. 1999Gin Jye Ming Glass Co., Ltd. was set up.
Jan. 2000Member of Taiwan Glass Commercial Association.
Feb. 2003ERP system.
Feb. 2005Located at Changpin Industrial Zone in Chang-Hua county, Lugang township, Taiwan.
Dec. 20076S management systems.
Mar. 2008Got the certificated of ISO 9001:2000 from SGS.
May. 2008Expanded plant.
Jul. 2008Member of Photovoltaic Industry Glass Supply Chain.
Jun. 2009Member of Photovoltaic Industry association.
Apr. 2009Got the certificated of ISO 9001:2008 from SGS.
Jan. 2010Paperless management system.
Feb. 2012Got the certificated of ISO 14001:2004 from SGS.
Jan. 2014Got the certificated of OHSAS 18001:2007 from SGS.
Jan. 2016Digiwin Software.