Tempered glass, Mirror Manufacturer – Gin Jye Ming Glass Co., Ltd


Glass Processing Facilities

GJM located at Changpin Industrial Zone in Chang Hua County Taiwan. Our floor Space is 20,000 ㎡, Our profession is Board Cutting, Grinding, Bevelling, Drilling, Printing, Tempering, Laminated, Glue the block of iron/aluminum, Package, can be completed in GJM's factory. According to the specifications of the customer order requirements to produce the product. Quality assurance and delivery on time is our promise to customers.

In order to achieve a complete assembly line, GJM purchase a lot of processing equipment, The equipment GJM have: CNC cutting machine, Special-shaped polished machine, Double edged machine, Four-hole drilling machine, One-hole drilling machine, Automatic printing machine, Automatic roller coating machine, Tempering oven (Horizontal / Continuous), Automatic packing machine.

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